Retainers and space maintainer


In orthodontics, after a treatment when the teeth have reached the final position, to keep them this way, retention apparatus are used. Every patient, without exception, should wear this type of appliance when their orthodontic treatment is completed, regardless of whether they have chosen a traditional or Invisalign treatment.

The retention phase stabilizes the positioning of the teeth and prevents them from moving.  The use of the retainer must be assiduous, as well as good oral hygiene and proper maintenance of your device, especially if it is removable.

Space maintainer

The space maintainer is mainly used with young children who have lost a baby tooth prematurely. Custom-made, it prevents the adjacent teeth from migrating to the free space until the eruption of the permanent tooth.

Similarly, this type of device can be offered to a patient who has lost a permanent tooth and who will subsequently place an implant or prosthesis. The appliance will then prevent the neighboring teeth from moving towards the toothless area.

This apparatus can be fixed or removable. In all cases, patients should maintain ideal oral hygiene. Periodic checks will be scheduled to ensure that everything is going as planned.