Preventive care

« Prevention is better than cure »

This is a concept in which we strongly believe and which we are trying to promote. Often, with a simple preventive action, we can prevent certain problems.

Some examples of prevention:

  • Use proper brushing techniques to ensure optimal oral and overall health
  • Protect teeth from cavities with sealants.
  • Apply fluoride to the enamel to promote remineralization and stop the progression of cavities.
  • Eliminate certain factors that contribute to grinding and premature wear of teeth.
  • Wear a mouth guard when playing sports
  • Wear a space maintainer in the presence of missing teeth
  • Detecting signs into the mouth that may be related to systemic diseases.

It is through a periodic oral examination that we can ensure the health and comfort of our patients, since we will check the condition of your gums, teeth, tongue, palate, and soft tissues. We also review your dental hygiene habits with you.

It is important to know about your general health since certain diseases and medications can influence your dental health.  Therefore, it is essential to notify us of any changes in your health at your periodic visits.

It is recommended to have an oral examination regularly, approximately every six months. However, this interval may vary from one individual to another. This will be determined by various factors, such as predisposition to decay or the formation of deposits on the teeth, gum and bone condition, and overall health status.