Mouth guard

What is the purpose of the mouth guard?

The mouth guard is a soft resin appliance that covers the teeth to protect them from possible impacts while practicing sports. Two categories exist: prefabricated, more or less adjustable, and those custom-made by a dentist.

Mouth guards don’t just protect teeth but also :

  • The lips
  • The tongue
  • The soft tissues
  • The temporomandibular joint (TMJ)

Do you know that the mouthguard also acts as a shock absorber to prevent or reduce the number of jaw fractures, cervical trauma, and concussions?

Chooging your mouth guard

Adequate mouth guards must meet certain criteria to play its role effectively: the prevention of oral traumas.

It needs to be stable and comfortable, not to interfere with breathing, swallowing and speaking.

Some are made to be adapted with dental appliances such as the ones used for orthodontics.

A professionally made mouth guard is recommended because it will be perfectly adapted to the structures of the mouth and will not cause nausea. You may even customize it with colors and logos.