Dr Colette Boulos, Dental Surgeon

Sharing the same passion as her father, Dr. Colette Boulos joined his team in 2008, after graduating from McGill University in 2007 and a year of residency at the Royal Victoria Hospital.

Her patients perceive and appreciate her human approach, her listening, her kindness and the quality of her treatments. In addition, her reputation for great patience, calm, rigor and interest in sharing her knowledges has prompted McGill University to solicit her to give classes to the students of the Faculty of Dentistry, which she will do for 6 years.

During the nine years she practiced her dental art, within the clinic, she never stopped perfecting her knowledge and more especially into the field that fascinates her above all, orthodontics. This passion and desire to always give the best inspire her to pursue her professional development, by starting a specialized Master’s degree in Orthodontics. Her academic record, professional and personal development help her to secure a place at the Université de Montréal’s highly limited enrollment program. In addition, she distinguished herself by receiving 2 awards, the first prize given by the Faculty of Dentistry for the best presentation of the 2nd cycle, as well as the first prize offered by the Network for Oral Health Research. The three-year full-time training program will be completed shortly. From summer of 2020, it will be with pride that she will be offering a complete range of orthodontic treatments to her patients.